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LP&L Wireline Pole Attachment Process

Please follow these instructions before submitting an application. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Use the “Outage Map” feature to determine if a location is within the LP&L service area: https://electricoutage.ci.lubbock.tx.us/gridvu/

The following process is to be followed by each Licensee seeking to overlash or make new Attachments on LP&L-owned Poles. Note that no entity may make any attachments to LP&L’s Poles without having first entered into a binding wireline Pole Attachment Licensing Agreement with LP&L. Third parties seeking to overlash to an existing pole tenant facility must have a written overlash agreement with the pole tenant to be overlashed. An applicant must provide LP&L the overlash agreement when they apply.


Wireline Pole Attachment Application Process Step-by-Step Summary:

2. Applicant: Obtain LP&L License Agreement (If you have executed the agreement move to step 3)
3. Applicant: Submit Wireline Pole Attachment Permit Application Online
4. Applicant: Submit Wireline Pole Attachment Application Fee
5. LP&L: Review the Application
6. LP&L: Issue Notice to Proceed for Communications Wireline Installation
7. Applicant: Submit Post-Construction Inspection Request
8. LP&L: Perform Post-Construction Inspection
9. LP&L: Issue Permit

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