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LP&L is proud to offer low, competitive rates to our customers.

As the temperature increases, so does your energy use. Hover over points in the chart to see how temperatures and actual energy use lined up over the last three years.

The primary driver of power costs for electric utilities is the current and forecasted cost of natural gas. For the past few years, the cost of natural gas has been historically low. In Summer 2021, natural gas costs returned to their normal, historical position.

Rates Explained

Rates are made up of three main parts:

1. Purchase Power

  • The cost to make or buy the power we supply to customers
  • Mainly driven by natural gas prices
  • Passed through to customers with no markup
  • Adjust twice a year in June and October

2. Energy Charge

  • The cost to deliver electricity to your home or business, including operations and maintenance
  • Unchanged since 2017

3. Service Availability

  • The set amount customers pay each month for customer service, billing and payment processing
  • Unchanged since 2017

Rates FAQs

What is rate stabilization?
How does rate stabilization work?