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Retail Electric Competition

At the request of our customers, Lubbock Power & Light has developed a responsible and fair path to retail electric competition.

Just like comparing and shopping for cell phone or internet plans, retail electric competition means customers can shop for their own electric plan from multiple retail electric providers, comparing pricing, types of fuel resources, and overall contract terms. These electric providers from around the state will sell power to Lubbock citizens. LP&L’s job will be to maintain the electric infrastructure we currently own that transports the electricity and safely delivers the product to customers' homes.

LP&L will transition to competitive retail electric service in late 2023 pending state regulatory approval to move the remaining 30% of customers into the ERCOT market.

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  • Energy deregulation: The act of separating generation, transmission, distribution and sales processes and allowing several supply companies to compete for customers.
  • Retail electric provider (REP): REPs are the companies that compete with one another in deregulated areas to sell energy rates to residential and commercial customers. They are responsible for the supply of your energy, while the local utility oversees the delivery.
  • Transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP): TDSPs own or operate the equipment that transmit and distribute electricity in Texas. LP&L will be the TDSP for Lubbock, and will take care of your poles and power lines. This is also the company you should call in case of a power outage.
  • Default retail provider: A stopgap energy provider who supplies your electricity if you do not choose a retail provider or if your retail provider goes out of business during your contract term. These are assigned by utility area.