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What does this change mean for me?
What does the change mean for City of Lubbock Utilities?
How have you shared about this transition to the public?
What would happen to Lubbock Power & Light?
How many retail electric providers do we expect will be in the market?
Will LP&L still be one of the choices as an electric provider?
Will there still be a fee for LP&L infrastructure maintenance?
Will we get a separate bill from the new provider for electricity charges, or will it appear on the existing City of Lubbock Utilities bill?
Do we expect our electricity bill to go up or down for kWh usage?
What will happen to my LP&L deposit?
Will this transition affect my other utility services, like water?
How will LP&L educate customers about this transition?
Why did LP&L not offer to be a retailer?
What happens if I get a notice or welcome letter for a company I didn’t pick?

Retail Electric Providers

When does LP&L expect to open to retail electric competition?
Prior to opening, will there be a period of customer choice followed by a customer allocation to registered REPs?
How many LP&L customers are there currently?
Is a customer class breakdown (e.g. residential, small business, residential) available?
Do the advanced meters have remote connect / disconnect capability?
Where may a REP obtain its customer’s interval meter data?
Does LP&L have accurate service addresses for all customers?
What is meant by “Begin Soliciting Retail Electric Providers” on LP&L’s Journey to Competition timeline on LP&L’s website?
Does LP&L plan to utilize web-based “REP self-help” functionality for routine information (e.g. meter read cycles, LP&L holidays, customer usage history)?
Will LP&L have a “REP Relations team” to interface with REPs for escalated issues?
Has LP&L determined which tariff by which it will operate? PUCT Substantive Rule 25.215 or 25.214?
Does LP&L anticipate maintaining its current Rate Class structure?