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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know when my outage will occur?
What if my outage lasts longer than 30 minutes?
Can I choose which system I want to be a part of?
How can you ensure ERCOT’s reliability of service following the Texas snow storm?
When will we be able to choose our electric company?
What is ERCOT?
Where is the technical assessment that shows this is the right solution?
Would it be cheaper in the long run to build a power plant – why wouldn’t we just build a plant?
Is ERCOT going to impose any unique financial burden on LP&L?
What is ERCOT doing to ensure a high level of reliability?
Recently there have been articles written about the possibility of a lack of resources in ERCOT in the upcoming summer. Will this affect future reliability in the ERCOT market?
What investment and overall cost will LP&L incur to enter ERCOT?
What are the advantages to moving to the ERCOT system?
How does a market solution versus a self-build or third party-build solution compare?
Will the decision affect the City of Lubbock or LP&L’s debt burden?
Will this raise my rates?