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Upholding the Tradition of Excellence: LP&L Linemen Honored for Career Achievements

Meet Mitch Kingston, LP&L's Apprentice Rodeo Lineman of the Year, and Jimmy Engle, a retired lineman recently inducted into the Lineman Hall of Fame. While their careers may be separated by years, the values and principles they share are timeless.

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Congratulations to Jimmy Engle, inductee into the Lineman Hall of Fame!

Engle's journey started after a college friend encouraged him to apply as a groundman for LP&L. Years later, he attributes his successful career to the mentors and foremen who taught and inspired him to learn as much as he could about the trade.

Like Engle, Kingston cherishes the brotherhood that forms among linemen. "During the rodeo competition, we would coach and talk to each other after each event to find ways to improve,” said Kingston. “As an apprentice lineman, I want to learn as much as I can about the trade and what it takes to become a great lineman. Right now, my focus is on learning how to best keep my crew and myself safe.” It's this kind of collaboration and teamwork that both Kingston and Engle exemplify in their career as linemen.

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Congratulations to Mitch Kingston, LP&L's Apprentice Rodeo Lineman of the Year!

Of the achievements that led to his Lineman Hall of Fame induction, Engle humbly said, “While I feel very honored to have been chosen, I don’t know that I did anything more noteworthy than anyone else. I just made sure to show up for work, do my job to keep the lights on and get along with others. I really enjoyed working with my coworkers and mentoring the newer employees.”

As for advice, Engle emphasized the importance of being willing to listen, work well with others and ask questions whenever in doubt. Kingston's advice for new apprentice linemen is to be prepared to work long but rewarding hours, keep a great work ethic, be willing to learn and finally, “to not call your hard hat a helmet.”

Engle’s and Kingston's careers demonstrate that being a lineman goes beyond specialized technical skills; it requires teamwork, leadership and communication skills. That kind of attitude is what makes linemen like Engle and Kingston invaluable to LP&L and their community.