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Saturday Night Lights: The LP&L Crew Behind Texas Tech Football

Over 50,000 passionate fans flood Jones AT&T Stadium on Saturdays for Texas Tech football games, but have you ever wondered what would happen if the lights went out mid-game? Well, have no fear, because that’s where our LP&L team comes in. Power Line Foremen Johnny Cathey and Charlie Palmer and Underground Distribution & Transformer Shop Supervisor Eddie Hancock serve on LP&L’s on-call team for Texas Tech football, and they are dedicated to keeping the lights on for game days.

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"We’re not just keeping the lights on; we're keeping the spirit of the game alive,” said Johnny Cathey. “It's a privilege to be part of the team that makes sure Texas Tech game days run smoothly."

Preparations for Saturday begin early in the week with a strategic operations meeting at Texas Tech with the LP&L team, Tech Athletics and Operations, and the Lubbock Police and Fire Departments. This group meticulously plans every detail, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of fans and players alike. The LP&L Underground Department works before game day to review electric lines on Tech's campus and check manholes to eliminate any potential water-related hiccups.

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“Game day preparation is a team effort that involves Tech Athletics, LP&L and local authorities,” said Charlie Palmer. “It's the fine-tuning of details that allows us to ensure not just power, but a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone at Jones AT&T Stadium."

As Saturday rolls around, our LP&L team is ahead of the game, arriving an hour before kickoff with trucks and equipment in tow. Charlie, Johnny, and Eddie conduct final checks, ensuring the seamless operation of electric lines. They collaborate with LP&L Operations to utilize SCADA, an advanced computerized mapping system that diligently monitors the Lubbock grid, instantly alerting the team to any potential issues.

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"SCADA isn't just a system; it's our extra set of eyes. With technology and teamwork, we're always one step ahead, making sure there are no fumbles during Saturday night games in Lubbock," said Eddie Hancock.

Thanks to this collaboration and meticulous preparation, there hasn't been a single glitch yet! These unsung heroes not only keep the lights on but also snag themselves free entry to the game – a well-deserved perk for their work. So, the next time you're cheering at a Tech home game, rest easy knowing that LP&L has got your back, ensuring that the only thing lighting up the night is Texas Tech football!