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Meet Matt Rose

We are serving the community here in Lubbock, and we need to do so in the best manner possible. I’m Matt Rose and I'm the Public Affairs and Government Relations Manager for Lubbock Power & Light. I have served in the role of public affairs manager and spokesperson for the utility since May of 2013. In my nine years with the utility, we have gone through a tremendous amount of change, more change than probably any normal utility would experience over a 20-year period. All of that has been to try to achieve a stated goal of getting our customers to where they need to be to make sure that going forward, they can be provided affordable electricity in a reliable manner.

Our biggest project to date is one that we are currently engaged in right now to transition from being a traditional municipally owned utility to one whose customers can choose, meaning that our customers will be afforded the ability to shop amongst providers across the state of Texas – picking plans or programs that that best fit their needs. Lubbock Power & Light will then exist as what is called a “poles and wires” company, meaning that we will maintain the infrastructure, and whoever you decide to choose, from across the state of Texas, that power that you purchase we will deliver safely to your home.

Another part of my job, and an important facet of my job, is being the manager of government relations. I make sure that the bills that are passed benefit and, most importantly, take into account the citizens of Lubbock. I'm very proud of Lubbock Power & Light and being part of this team, and I just hope that we can continue to benefit Lubbock in a positive way for decades to come.