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Meet Clint Gardner

Everything that we do is based upon providing the best possible service that we can to the City of Lubbock. My name is Clint Gardner, I'm Director of Customer Service. We have the best team of employees that are in our customer service department. We have roughly 120+ employees that come to work every day to do nothing but provide exceptional customer service.

I've been in the electric utility business for close to 40 years. I wanted to get back home and was raised in this area, I love the people of Lubbock, what they stand for and their values. In our customer call center, we have a trainer that is responsible for getting in new recruits and then training for a 13-week period. We try to stay up on the on the latest technology, not only with advanced metering systems that we have for our customers, but we have put in new billing systems. The best part of our job is that you get to talk to people, and your day is never the same. We try to exceed their expectations as much as we possibly can, and we want to make sure that we answer every question that they have.