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Engineering the Future: LP&L's Pioneers of Progress

Engineers spend a lot of time re-evaluating previous engineers’ work, which leads to the realization: What they build today will impact the engineers of tomorrow. This thought resonates with the Lubbock Power and Light engineering team members who recently achieved a significant milestone by obtaining their Professional Engineer (PE) licenses. We spoke to them about the importance of future planning, collaboration and embracing challenges as opportunities to shape a better energy landscape for the future.

Building a Strong Foundation: The Power of PE Licenses

Paul Koberlein, Austin Board and Jubal Mann all obtained their PE licenses in the past year. For them, this accomplishment signifies more than personal growth; it emphasizes their commitment to safety, expertise and innovation in their roles. Paul said he “saw the license as a way to incorporate safety into both my job and the broader range of my responsibilities.” While Austin said he “saw this as an opportunity to become a role model for younger engineers by demonstrating the value of professional development.” Jubal, despite initial reservations about the increased responsibility, realized the PE license was not just a testament to his skills but it is “a powerful tool in your career toolbox as an engineer.”

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A Unified Journey: Camaraderie and Collaboration

The path to getting a PE license isn't one you go on alone; it's one of teamwork and mutual support. As Paul, Austin and Jubal reflected on their experiences, they highlighted the camaraderie among the team as they supported each other in their studies for the exam. This sense of unity fostered an environment among LP&L's engineering team where everyone thrived on shared goals and mutual encouragement. This now serves as a cornerstone of the team’s workplace culture, one where growth is celebrated.

Engineering the Future: A Shared Responsibility

The achievements of Paul, Austin and Jubal go beyond their personal accomplishments. By obtaining PE licenses, they join a group of well-trained and accountable professionals who are entrusted with making decisions that influence LP&L's transmission, distribution and design sectors. These licenses represent a responsibility to the next generation of LP&L engineers and ensure Paul, Austin and Jubal have the expertise needed to build a solid future for LP&L’s customers.

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Collaborating Across Teams: A Shared Commitment to Progress

A key piece of LP&L's recent accomplishments lies in its culture of cross-team collaboration. Back in May 2021, the engineering team's journey to transitioning the first 70% of customers to the ERCOT grid required cooperation with the billing department, control room, meter shop and customer service team. This combination of teamwork ensured a successful and smooth transition. This collaborative mentality promotes LP&L's commitment to customers and bringing reliable energy to Lubbock.

Framing the Future: Guiding Principles

As these engineers continue in their careers, they offer sage advice to the next generation of engineers. Paul emphasized continuous learning and the pursuit of knowledge as the true essence of work. While Austin and Jubal both shared the recommendation to gain field experience as it is “important for background knowledge in creating designs that align with real-world applications.” Additionally, Austin noted if someone cannot get field experience, he highly recommends “building relationships with field personnel themselves, that way you can consult across teams when developing projects.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of the energy sector, LP&L's engineers exemplify the spirit of forward thinking and resilience. They have transformed their experiences, challenges and aspirations into a force that propels them—and the industry—toward a brighter future. With unwavering dedication, they are building the foundation upon which the future engineers will stand, ensuring that today's decisions resonate positively for generations to come.