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Transmission Projects

Lubbock Power & Light is committed to ensuring a safe, reliable supply of power for our customers and community. As part of that commitment, we’re identifying areas in which we need to invest in new infrastructure to ensure our supply can meet demands now and in the future.

Chalker Transmission Line Upgrades

As part of our ongoing infrastructure improvement program, and to prepare the LP&L system for the integration into ERCOT, we will be working to rebuild 2.2 miles of a 69kV transmission line from the Chalker Substation to the Thompson Substation. 

The project began in August of 2018, and the work will be completed in sections, so individual customers will only be impacted for a portion of the full project timeline.  

The existing transmission line was built in 1960 and is reaching the end of its life expectancy. The transmission line is primarily constructed of 70- to 75-foot wood poles and has single-circuit or double-circuit distribution under-build. The line will be re-insulated for 115kV, and the static neutral wire will also be upgraded and replaced for the entire line length of 2.2 miles. 

The line has to be replaced, completely torn down, and rebuilt. LP&L’s work will include underground drilling, pouring concrete, placing new steel poles, reconductoring, and transferring of distribution conductors. 

In certain locations it may be necessary to momentarily interrupt service to customers in order to complete the conversion to the upgraded electrical line. In this situation, customers will be notified and given a specific date and time for the conversion. In all circumstances, LP&L does not anticipate the interruption of service would last longer than a few minutes.  

Door hangers and follow-up notifications will be issued for individual addresses as crews work through each section of the project. Those notifications will provide customers with specifics on how the work will affect them and a more specific timeframe. LP&L is working closely with City departments including Sanitation, Right of Way Management and Traffic Control to ensure work and all city services can run as smoothly as possible. 

All customers directly affected will be notified with a doorhanger. Click here to view the doorhanger

While the construction phase of this project will only affect customers living in the immediate vicinity of the Chalker Substation, the overall impact of the project will positively benefit the reliability of the entire LP&L electrical system.  

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City of Lubbock Utilities Customer Service at 806-775-2509.

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