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Solar Systems

Customer Interconnection Agreement

Customer request to interconnect customer-owned renewable generation to COLU’s electrical service grid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about LP&L and solar energy, contact LP&L at CustomerRelations@CityofLubbockUtilities.com.

How do solar energy systems work?
How much electricity can a solar energy system generate?
What happens with a solar energy system at night and on cloudy days?
What happens with a solar energy system during power outages?
How long is the payback period on a solar energy system?
How long do solar energy systems last?
How much does a solar energy system cost?
How can I know if a solar energy system will work on my house?
How do I get started with solar?
Does LP&L partner with any solar companies or installers?
Where do I go to get a permit/inspection for installation?
What information does LP&L need from me if I’m going to install a solar energy system?
Will I still receive an electric bill if I have a solar energy system?
What is net metering, and how will it appear on my bill?
Will LP&L buy any excess energy I produce with a solar energy system?
What happens if I produce more energy than I use?
What is the largest system allowed to be installed by a LP&L residential customer?