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Meet Harvey Hall

I don’t think there could be anything more exciting in my career than to be part of a team making a transition like LP&L is into ERCOT. My name is Harvey Hall, I'm the chief financial officer of Lubbock Power and Light and I've been in that position since I came here in April 2022. I come with 28 years of experience in the electric utility industry. 

My excitement about being here is about being part of a team that is a city that is going to be the first in 25 years to enter the wholesale retail market in ERCOT. This role, as CFO, is to help ensure that we have the funds available to accomplish that mission and to be able to do that in a cost-effective way that’s good for our rate payers, and to be able to do that in a way that keeps the utility, that is a public asset, in the best financial condition.

I've always enjoyed finance, that was my undergraduate degree at Portland State University. I took a job that helped me get through school at Portland General Electric working in the electric utility industry. I started off as a local office cashier and in customer service, and eventually my first full-time position in the utility was as a mediator. You could say I've actually been all the way from a meter reader to being chased by dogs to being an executive in the electric utility. So, I've seen a lot of things happen. 

I always thought and have heard that Lubbock is a very friendly city. The underneath of that friendliness are people who really care. They care about their community, they care about their kids, they care about whether or not the community thrives. It is so fun to be part of an entity that’s trying to make that successful as well. Being part of the electric utility is certainly a piece of the economic puzzle for Lubbock and helping them be successful.