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Meet Gwen Stafford

"The LP&L board is probably the premier board in the city of Lubbock because if affects every single person who lives here. It is really on those that have come before me that made wonderful decisions, good decisions, for the city of Lubbock and positioned us well for the future and all the challenges and complexities in the energy industry.

I think LP&L is positioned well for the future because it’s really the crown jewel of Lubbock in many ways. It’s an enterprise fund. When we put in the transmission lines that connected us to ERCOT we suddenly became very cute, we became a revenue center. We already return dollars to the city, and I see that continuing to grow which helps rate payers and taxpayers.

And one of the bright things in LP&L is the devotion of our people. I’m especially fond of the lineman because they’re the ones that keep the lights on. It’s so easy to just flip a switch at home and the lights come on, and when they don’t then everyone scrambles, and that’s when our folks go out in the weather and the storms to make sure the electricity is flowing.

LP&L is the cornerstone of Lubbock in that it has always been here for years and years and served the people. It’s an integral part and I can’t say enough about this staff. Not only are they experienced and intelligent, they’ve got a good heart and a customer service attitude. It’s just delightful to be a part of this board and to serve the citizens of Lubbock. There’s no better people than Lubbockites."