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Meet Dan Odom

I assure every citizen in Lubbock, TX that is on Lubbock Power & Light’s meters that we strive to keep those rates as low as we can. I'm Dan Odom with Western Bank, president and CEO. I joined Lubbock Power & Light in 2016 as an Electric Utility Board member. I grew up in Grover, Texas, and our granddad was the mayor there for over 20 years, I believe. So we were always taught growing up that you give back to your community, because we continue to grow and Lubbock continues to grow. I looked at this board seat as a good one to give back to community and make sure the rates for our ratepayers were held line, and it helps the municipality grow.

We recently moved to push to give customers a choice [through retail electric competition] by joining ERCOT, and I think that's going to open up wide variety to offer them lower rates everywhere else. We've invested over $500 million in capital improvements in order to get to where we are today to make the integration in 2023. During that same time, we've saved 10s of millions of dollars for the ratepayers by making strategic moves.

Our executive team is going to make certain that we hit our 2023 goal of getting into retail electric competition. Lubbock Power & Light is doing a great thing for the city, and I really do believe in these board members. They give a lot of time every month to these meetings, and they all have the best interest of our citizens, of our ratepayers here in West Texas [at heart]. Every single person at Lubbock Power and Light is doing what’s best for the city of Lubbock.