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Meet Chris Sims

My name is Chris Sims and I'm a director in electric administration with Lubbock Power & Light. That involves looking at Lubbock Power & Light and how we perform in ERCOT, making sure that we play by their rules and then making sure we know what we need to do to perform at our best through all aspects of Lubbock Power & Light. from our resources, our employee resources, our equipment resources, our technology resources – working to make sure they all come together so that we perform at optimum. 

I've never served in a position that was already in existence in my career over 27 years everything I've done since I came here has been created because of a need. From directing our sales department to creating our first public information office to directing our Grid Control Department, which was a brand-new department. So I've never served in a position that was already in existence. 

Grid reliability is a big thing to Lubbock. We have had a very reliable electric service in Lubbock for a long time, and I think that's because of our liability and our push to treat everyone in Lubbock like they are they're our friends, they're our neighbors, they're our family. Our men and women go out to do what they do best, 24 hours a day, cold, rain, to make sure the system is reliable. To make sure that when you turn that light switch on that the electricity flows to those light bulbs.