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Lubbock Power and Light is giving customers the power to choose by bringing back retail electric competition as soon as Fall 2023.

How will LP&L’s future role change?

In a competitive retail electric market, LP&L won’t be the electric provider for customers. That means, we won’t buy and sell electricity or directly bill customers for electric service.

Instead, LP&L will focus on delivering electricity from your future provider safely and reliably through the poles, wires, lines and advanced meters that we’ll continue to own and maintain. Our services will also include outage support.

Customers can begin to shop for their future provider as soon as Summer 2023 with a target transition date to your new provider in Fall 2023.

How will this affect my future bill?

After the competitive market launches in Lubbock, you won’t receive an LP&L electric bill under City of Lubbock Utilities. Instead, you’ll receive a separate electric bill from your future provider.

City of Lubbock Utilities will continue to provide billing and customer service for all other City utilities, including Water/Wastewater, Solid Waste, and Stormwater.

For more on the move to competition, visit LPandL.com.