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Transmission Projects

Lubbock Power & Light is committed to ensuring a safe, reliable supply of power for our customers and community. As part of that commitment, we’re identifying areas in which we need to invest in new infrastructure to ensure our supply can meet demands now and in the future. Read more about our infrastructure improvements here.

Northwest to Mackenzie Project

LP&L is proposing new electric transmission infrastructure in the City and County of Lubbock that would connect the existing Northwest and Mackenzie substations. There will be an intermediate point for a new substation in an area west of North University Avenue and north of the Highway 289 Loop.

Black & Veatch, a consulting firm hired for this project, has identified several preliminary alternative transmission line route segments. The study area and approximate locations of the proposed end points and existing transmission line facilities are indicated on this map.

As this project may affect landowners in the area, LP&L is hosting two open houses to provide details about the project, solicit feedback and answer questions. The input of landowners and others who may be affected by this project is important to LP&L in evaluating locations for new transmission facilities and assessing the project's impacts.

Landowners invited to the open house include people listed on the current county tax rolls as owners of land within 300 feet of the center line of any proposed preliminary route segment. They are being informed of the project details and open house via a mailed letter and copy of the route map. View a copy of the mailed letter here. 

With this additional source of electricity, LP&L is confident it can provide customers a safe, reliable supply of power for many years to come.

Open House Details 

The open houses will consist of staffed information stations, each addressing a specific aspect of the project. Attendees can review stations at their own pace, ask questions, and get more information. There will also be an opportunity to provide comments via a brief questionnaire.

July 18 and 19, 2017
5-7:30 p.m.*

Centennial Elementary School
1301 N. Utica Ave., Lubbock, Texas

*Please note the open house will be a come-and-go format; there will be no formal presentations.

Questions and Comments

Open house attendees will be given a questionnaire and the opportunity to submit comments about the project. You can also submit comments online using the form below.

For questions about this project or the upcoming open houses, please email or call Matthew Rose, LP&L Public Affairs and Government Relations Manager at 806-577-7119.

Please use the form below to submit your comments online. You can also access the form by clicking here.