Lubbock Power & Light

Payment Assistance

Energy Assistance

Having trouble paying your utility bill this month? Contact one of the energy assistance agencies to discuss your options. Energy Assistance Agencies

Payment Arrangements

Having trouble paying your bill by the due date? LP&L has the option for you to extend your current bill date for a few more days. There are now two no-cost options for you to set up a payment arrangement: the automated phone system and the new LP&L My Account secure online web site.

The Payment Arrangement option has been available through our automated phone system at 806-775-2509 at no cost to you. Click here for step-by-step instructions for the automated phone system. You will need your 14-digit LP&L account number to access this service.

A feature of the new LP&L My Account web site is the option to set up a Payment Arrangement online. Go to LP&L My Account and log in to access the Payment Arrangement link under the Payments menu.

Budget Billing

We offer a budget billing program for residential electric customers that allows the customer to pay a specified amount each month instead of paying the actual billed amount for electric service. There are some qualifications that must be met in order to be eligible for budget billing:

  • Customers must have a minimum of 12 months history at their current address to qualify for budget billing.
  • Customers must have a zero balance at the time budget billing is implemented and must keep their accounts current to remain on budget billing.

To enroll, call (806) 775-2509 or log in to the LP&L My Account.