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Not Their First Rodeo: LP&L Linemen Compete in Seguin to Practice Their Craft

A team of LP&L line workers recently competed in the 2017 Texas Lineman’s Rodeo in Seguin, Texas. The Lineman’s Rodeo is an action-packed event in which line workers from across the state get together to compete in their craft.

The rodeo functions as a training exercise to test the important skills needed for high-voltage line work, including pole-climbs, transformer replacements, hurt-man rescue simulations and more. To add to the excitement, competitors’ family and friends are invited to cheer their loved ones on from the sidelines and learn more about why this job is so important.

“With technology and all of the new tools and equipment that make the job a little less physically strenuous, the job of a lineman is continuing to evolve. However, some things remain the same – when Mother Nature vents her fury at our cities, towns, or rural farms and ranches, the Texas linemen must answer the call and brave the elements to restore power and bring peace of mind back to those we serve. Linemen do not have the luxury of sitting in an office or house, or waiting in a truck for the storms to pass. We have to leave birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and holiday gatherings to answer our “Call of Duty.” The American Lineman… will do whatever it takes safely to get the power flowing again for those who are in the dark.” (Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association)

 We’re thankful for our wonderful team of line workers that ensure reliable power for Lubbock. 

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