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Every Meter, Every Month

Each month, employees manually read approximately 103,000 electric meters and 84,000 water meters.

  • Each meter reader is responsible for 500-700 meters per day. Routes are changed regularly to ensure reader accountability.
  • Special tools allow readers to quickly lift lids off of water meters and replace them without disturbing dirt, debris or vegetation. Spray bottles and brushes provide clear line of sight to the numbers they need without having to clean the meter or meter box.
  • Readers enter the numbers into an electronic handheld recording device.
  • For added accuracy, the handheld device does not provide previous reads or usage information to the meter reader.
  • Once a read is entered, the device alerts the meter reader if it is not within an acceptable range, requiring them to re-read the meter.

 Learn how to read your water meter with these videos:

How to Read Your City Of Lubbock Water Meter

How to Read Your LP&L Electric Meter