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Frequently Asked Questions

What are LP&L’s plans for advanced meters?

Why are we getting new meters?

How does the new technology work?

Where will the new advanced meters be installed?

Will the new meters help with incorrect meter reading?

Will the new meters allow customers to pre-pay for electric service?

How are advanced meters tested to ensure accuracy?

Doesn’t LP&L already take steps to make sure readings are accurate?

What is the projected reduction in error rate once you have advanced meters?

Does the installation of advanced meters mean I will get charged for more electric use than I do today?

What is the “service availability fee” on the monthly statements, and will this be reduced as a result of advanced meters?

Will the process of moving to advanced meters mean a reduction in workforce?

How can I access the data on my electricity use?

Based on LP&L projections, how many users will access their accounts on a daily basis?

What type of alerts can I set up?

How does LP&L protect against hacking?

Will advanced meters be able to identify electronic appliances?

Is LP&L installing the new meters to implement time-of-use pricing?

What is the total cost for the new software and new meters?

What is the cost/benefit analysis of implementing advanced meters?

Since the electric rate increase paid for the new meters, once they are installed, will the electric rate decrease?

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