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Frequently Asked Questions


What are LP&L’s plans for advanced meters?

In April 2019, LP&L began a multi-year, multi-phase process to implement advanced metering in Lubbock to replace the current electric meters, which are aging and need to be upgraded. This technology investment will improve billing accuracy and customer service, empower customers, improve outage management and enhance reliability.

Lubbock is joining the ranks of other growing Texas cities that have implemented advanced meters including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, Bryan, Georgetown, Kerrville, Seguin and Fredericksburg. Advanced metering technology is also used by members of our neighboring electric provider, South Plains Electric Cooperative.

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Why are we getting new meters?

This project is part of a larger infrastructure improvement program to invest in the reliability and capacity of LP&L’s transmission, production and information systems.

The new meters are read automatically and provide the most reliable and accurate information in near-real time. This eliminates manual meter reading errors and improves billing accuracy and customer service.

Once the customer portal launches, customers will also be able to view and track their own energy use as often as they’d like, which can help them save energy and money.

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How does the new technology work?

Advanced meters send electricity use information remotely via a secure two-way communication network. The data is then processed and translated into customers’ bills. All readings are encrypted, and no personal information will ever be sent via the communication network.

Once the customer gets a new meter, City of Lubbock Utilities customer service can provide more detail on the customer’s energy use.

The new meters improve outage management by automatically alerting LP&L to outages, even before a customer reports them. They also automatically identify the location of the outage. These things help reduce the time required to restore power to affected customers. Additionally, the new meters allow LP&L to conduct a load analysis of our transformers and accurately and efficiently forecast Lubbock’s current and future energy needs, enhancing reliability of our system.

Where will the new advanced meters be installed?

In most cases, the advanced meter will take the place of customers’ existing meter in the location where the meter currently resides. If the existing meter currently sits in the alley, that is where the new meter will be installed.