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Advanced Meter Opt Out

Advanced meters contain communication modules designed to upgrade and enhance customer service and customer experience. 

Similar to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) Non-Standard Metering Service Rule (Rule §25.133), LP&L will allow customers to choose a non-standard meter as an alternative to the standard advanced meter. 

Customers who choose non-standard meters are required to pay the installation cost of the non-standard meter and incremental costs to provide the non-standard service, which include costs to manually read meters and perform other services through non-standard processes that would otherwise not be required.

To opt out of receiving an advanced meter, please click here to fill out and submit the form online or click here for a PDF version of the form you can download, fill out, print and sign. Modifications to the form will not be accepted.

If using the mail-in option, please send your completed, signed application to:
City of Lubbock Utilities Customer Service
1301 Broadway
Lubbock, Texas 79401 


Why is there an opt-out fee?

LP&L respects the opinions and concerns of our customers. LP&L also strongly believes in the safety, efficiency and overall benefits advanced meters will bring to customers. The opt-out fee applies only to those individuals that wish to have a non-standard meter that does not contain the communication device needed to automatically read electric usage data.

When a customer chooses a non-standard, non-communicating meter, different procedures are required not just for meter reading, but for outages, connections of service and general maintenance. While LP&L respects the request of a customer who wishes to receive a non-standard meter, we must ensure the customer who opts out covers the associated costs so other customers are not required to subsidize the increased costs to the system.

Opt-out customers will be assessed a monthly manual meter reading fee of $24.56 per month, as required by the Alternative Meter Charge section of the LP&L Tariff.