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Small Cell Wireless

All applicants must have a signed license agreement with LP&L before submitting an application to attach wireless communication equipment on any pole owned by LP&L. To obtain additional information, please email LP&L Wireless Attachments Program Consultant at

Please follow these instructions before submitting an application. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Use the “Outage Map” feature to determine if a location is within the LP&L service area:

Wireless Installation Application Process Step-by-Step Summary:

  1. Applicant: Download available LP&L resources and review the standards and requirements
  2. Applicant: Obtain LP&L License Agreement
    • Obtain License Agreement from LP&L web site [ADD LINK (Not Finalized yet)]
    • Complete all sections of Agreement.
    • Submit Agreement to LP&L for execution.
  3. Applicant: Submit Site Selection Request Form
    • Complete Form [ADD LINK (Document 04)] through City of Lubbock’s Energv Citizen Self Service (Online): Note: Submit the Site Selection Form and required attachments for one site at a time.
    • LP&L will schedule site walks for a maximum of ten (10) sites at one time.
    • If a site is determined feasible, proceed to the next step.
  4. Applicant: Submit Wireless Installation Application Package
    • Complete application form (Online) [ADD LINK (Document 05)] 
      Note: Submit the completed Wireless Installation Application Form and required attachments for one site at a time.
    • Complete Wireless Installation Pole Elevations Form
    • Submit Professional Services Standard Fee payment (Note: An application is not considered “received” until the fee is paid).
    • Submit evidence of submittal to ROW jurisdiction (If ROW jurisdiction is not City of Lubbock, e.g. TxDOT, submit evidence of other jurisdiction’s permit application approval).
    • If application is approved, proceed to the next step.
  5. Applicant: Obtain ROW Permit and schedule a pre-construction meeting (Note: The process is not considered complete until ROW permit and any other required permits are obtained).

  6. LP&L: Issue Notice to Proceed to Licensee for Electrical and Communication Make-Ready

  7. Applicant: Perform Electrical and Communication Make-Ready by LP&L Qualified Contractor
  8. LP&L: Perform inspection and testing

  9. Applicant: After passing inspections, provide as-built drawings and pay any remaining fees

  10. LP&L: Issue Final Permit

Contact Us

Program Manager: Mia Parton
Phone: 512-575-3024