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Electric Utility Board

On November 2, 2004, Lubbock voters elected to amend the Charter of the City to provide for an Electric Utility Board composed of nine Lubbock citizens and eligible voters appointed by City Council to govern, manage and operate the City’s electric utility. The Electric Utility Board is responsible for providing oversight on the efficient operation, maintenance, extension, preservation, competitiveness and promotion of an orderly economic and business-like administration of LP&L.

EUB Meeting Agenda

Recent EUB Board Meetings

EUB Rules, Policies and Procedures

Charter Provision
(City Charter Chapter One, Article XII)

Ordinance Provision
(City Code of Ordinances Title I, Chapter 2, Article 2.03, Division 12)

Electric Utility Board Members

Members of the Electric Utility Board of Directors are appointed by the Lubbock City Council.  Members serve on a voluntary basis and receive no compensation for their service to the citizens of Lubbock.

  • Dan Odom headshot
    Dan Odom
    Board Chairman
    Western Bank
    Financial Review Committee (Chair)
  • Greg Taylor headshot
    Greg Taylor
    Board Secretary
    D. Williams & Co., P.C.
    Financial Review Committee (Officer Liaison)
  • Don Boatman headshot
    Don Boatman
    Board Vice Chairman
    Low-Income Customer Committee (Officer Liaison)
    Technical Review Committee (Officer Liaison)
  • James Conwright headshot
    James Conwright
    Vista Bank
    Financial Review Committee (Chair)
    Human Resources Committee (Officer Liaison)
  • Jerry Bell headshot
    Jerry Bell
    Human Resources Committee
    Technical Review Committee
  • Gwen Stafford headshot
    Gwen Stafford
    Executive Healthcare Consultant
  • Jane U. Henry headshot
    Jane U. Henry
    Jane U. Henry Design
    Human Resources Committee
    Low-Income Customer Committee
  • Edwin E. “Butch” Davis, P.E. headshot
    Edwin E. “Butch” Davis, P.E.
  • Kevin McMahon headshot
    Kevin McMahon
    McMahon Vinson Bennett, LLP
  • Dan Pope headshot
    Dan Pope
    Ex-Officio Member
    City of Lubbock Mayor