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2019 Solution Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the technical assessment that shows this is the right solution?

The 2019 Solution included a review of 19 different studies conducted by expert consultants and LP&L staff. We intend to submit a full transmission study to ERCOT for approval in the coming weeks. Over the coming year, additional studies by the PUC, ERCOT and LP&L are planned, but for now, we’re confident we’re headed in the right direction.

Would it be cheaper in the long run to build a power plant – why wouldn’t we just build a plant?

Is ERCOT going to impose any unique financial burden on LP&L?

Reliability of service is important. In a state like Texas with high swings in temperature, the electric grid must be able to handle the cold winters and extremely hot summers. With a move to ERCOT, is reliability a concern for Lubbock? What is ERCOT doing to ensure a high level of reliability?

What investment and overall cost will LP&L incur to enter ERCOT?

What are the advantages to moving to the ERCOT system?

How does this solution compare to LP&L’s current power supply structure?

How would the move to ERCOT help to mitigate the risk of fluctuating wholesale power costs?

How does a market solution versus a self-build or third party-build solution compare?

Will the decision affect the City of Lubbock or LP&L’s debt burden?

What is the overall cost of the process to determine a 2019 solution?

Will this raise my rates?